About Us

HI my name is Daniel Pauw, and I've been installing and repairing gate and garage motors and accessorizing for almost eight solid years as the the owner of Gateworx and Gate Motors Centurion. I began in 2010 with my apprenticeship with a local company in Centurion. After my apprenticeship was completed and all my necessary certification certificates were obtained and I was registered with the major manufacturers two years had passed, I felt confident enough to start Gateworx.

I pride myself on providing a service our clients can say with confidence "I have a gate guy I can recommend", when the question presents itself. I also am fortunate to have placed myself in the position where most of my clients are directed towards me via word of mouth. In stating that I just want the reader to be aware we have free adverts especially when its the best kind, a satisfied client that their friends and family make use of my services.

As the Owner I do all the work myself except when it comes to big installations where I need a team and it normally spans over a few days. I feel that a man should stand proud next to his work and directly be held accountable for all his promises to deliver.

Furthermore, I feel it is a matter of Person Well Being and Peace of Mind for the client when there is only one person on site to deal with the issue you might have with your Access Control from not only a safety point of view but also for as far as accountability is concerned. So as the Owner, I do the work there is no one else to blame when things go wrong as they sometimes do in all businesses but also the trust a client obtains in the knowledge that they are dealing the the Owner and not a Proxy.

I have now called Centurion my home for the last 36 years, so I can definitely state that I'm a local with no plans of relocating.

I strive to provide the best possible service I can, completed in a timely manner that suits the client even after hours, public holidays and weekends. I welcome all my existing and potential clients to give me a call regarding any questions they might have day or night, even if it is just help program a remote over the phone.

I am confident in my ability to resolve any obstacles there might be with a current Access Control System and not to proud to phone tech support if I am stumped. My only objective is to provide a Access Control solution that works to such to an extent that its out of clients minds until it's time for maintenance again.

As an Owner I am proud to state that to my knowledge there are no posts of of my company on any sites like Hello Peter or such similar sites. Which reflects my declaration to the service I provide and the satisfaction of my clients over the years. A statement that is further strengthened by my letters of referral. My goal is not to have the client feel aggrieved by the need for my services, or left feeling done in, but rather a relief that they are in good hands with a good service provider in the business of solving problems and has a vested interest in the safety and security of his clients. Furthermore no unnecessary replacements of any parts shall be done and if available the client will be shown exactly what the problem is and if its due to a faulty part or an incorrect setting or installation, the client will be made aware of the issue and that a solution be found where both parties are fully aware of the Reason, Cost and Time involved and alternatives should there be any.

No work or parts replaced shall occur without the clients consent, so no nasty surprises. All repairs and installs carry NO hidden costs as I believe a client should be fully aware of all costs involved. Upfront and the reasoning behind the expense. That is why I also have a 60 Day Installation Warranty that I carry on my work and if there is ever any issue with my work I fix it free of charge.

My favorite saying to my clients is that I like to say to them I don't want to see them for the next 2 years at least (Battery lasts for 2 years).

I look forward to make you a part of my extended security family and as far as the client to be safe in the knowledge that you have a gate guy, day and night, sunshine or rain, holidays and weekends, afterhours and just a phone call away!

P.S. I f you were stuck outside or inside and its due to your gate or garage not functioning give me a call any time. I'm happy to help someone in need to the best of my abilities. And if you have driven into your gate and you need to fix it before the hubby or Mrs gets home, call, Trust me it happens more than you think!!

Daniel Pauw